Take a Mindful Break!

Whether studying at home, in the bustle of the school day, feeling the pressure of family and friendships, or simply feeling the need to relax and unwind, mindfulness practices can be a helpful tool for young people too.

These short practices are designed to fit into your day to create a greater sense of calm, appreciation, and resilience. Share them with the young people in your life, or make them part of your own day. They're good for the young-at-heart of all ages!

Monkey Mind
Settle the Mind

Our minds can be like a monkey at times: buzzing with activity. Use mindful breathing to settle the mind and restore a sense of calm.

Mindful Snack
Nourish Body & Mind

A snack break can be more than just a way to feed our bodies; it can be an opportunity to appreciate our life and our connections to others.

Pebble Meditation
Develop Resilience

No matter what happens, we can connect with these four qualities: fresh like a flower, stable like a mountain, calm like still water, and free like the breeze.

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